Richard a écrit :
> I'm also currently reading through Knuth's Digital Typography. Can anyone
> point out any sections I should pay particular attention to w.r.t. FOP's
> usage,

("Digital Typography" caught my eyes. I'll try to respond to the rest

Chapter 3, "Breaking Paragraphs Into Lines", is definitely THE chapter
to read.
The first 2 chapters are dealing with font rendering, which goes too far
for us --but it may be interesting for your personal culture. I haven't
read the rest but it seems very TeX-oriented to me. Maybe interesting,
but obsoleted by the current font technology (Type1, OpenType) anyway.

I've considered to describe the linebreaking algorithm in a less cryptic
manner (variable names of more than one letter, mainly) on the Wiki [1],
but have never had the time to do it. If you ever want to do that, that
would be very valuable I think!



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