I am trying to understand the differences between the two 
line-stacking-strategies "max-height" and "line-height". As usual the 
spec is hard to read / understand.

My understanding of the difference between the two strategies seems to 
boil down to: max-height treats the half-leading as space-before / 
space-after and they therefore participate in space resolution while 
for line-height the half-leading is included in the allocation 
rectangle and therefore doesn't participate in space resolution.

As fop currently doesn't do space resolution for the half-leading these 
two strategies produce identical results in fop. Actually our 
compliance page is misleading as it says we don't 
support "line-height". It seems we don't support "max-height" properly 
but "line-height" correctly although support for "max-height" is 
mandatory in the spec.

What do others think? Do you agree with this assessment or have I 
misunderstood or overlooked something?


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