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The problem that I'm having is that the Oracle XML parser blows chunks and
won't properly parse documents in order for FOP to work correctly.
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If you look how many more problems Oracle produces than Xerces/ Xalan on
our user mailing list, I'd rather be worried that the Oracle XML
libraries cost you the million dollar contract rather than Xerces/ Xalan.
;-) It's a simple fact that Oracle's XML code has some nasty very
long-standing bugs. Many people fixed their problems by switching the
JAXP implementation and it seems it is what you had to do, too.

Obviously, the best way would be to have Oracle fix their bugs. It feels
like the weakest of the parties has to work around the problems. I
wonder if anyone has ever bothered to file those bugs with Oracle. Just

I've been thinking a bit more about this, and I can imagine why Oracle wouldn't even consider them bugs. Their XML parser/XSLT processor implementation actually parses/ transforms XML _fragments_ (not full documents), which turns out to be ideal if you have to transform subtrees in the database.

One workaround I've already seen somewhere was to implement an Oracle Stored Procedure that first accumulates all the XML fragments into a LOB, adds the encoding header, and start from there: feed that output --a full document-- to FOP (?)



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