On Feb 12, 2007, at 20:02, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

On Feb 12, 2007, at 18:00, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
So my question is: is there a possibility of creating a tree of FObj
instances from a corresponding FO fragment, and use it to feed objects from the layout engine in order to unit test them? It doesn't seem to be the case currently, but how difficult would it be to extract that from
the current codebase?

The code that constructs a tree of FObjs is located in fop.fo.FOTreeBuilder: catching SAX startElement() events and constructing FONodes + trigger the creation of PropertyLists from the Attributes. Unfortunately, FOTreeBuilder currently only accommodates construction of a complete FOTree, starting with the root.

Once a sufficient part of the FOTree is available, the LayoutManagers are created from the FO subtrees in the main loops of the getNextKnuthElements() methods (getChildLM() -> getNextChildLMs()), ultimately triggered by AreaTreeHandler.endPageSequence().

To elaborate a bit on ideas on how to extract/implement it:
If all you need is
a) a way to test simple documents (build a complete FOTree of them), and
b) only need to control the instantiation of the LMs

then I guess you could create your own subclass of FOEventHandler, and catch the FO events as they occur. You could write a FOEventHandler that only handles table-related FOs in a document, and ignores all the others. They will still be created, by the FOTreeBuilder, though... Advantage is that the default AreaTreeHandler can quite easily be overridden/replaced by a custom one. (The RTFHandler is an example)

If you also need control over the FOTree creation, then you'll need a special FOSubTreeBuilder as well.



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