Welcome, Jay, as new committer of Apache FOP!

Your account (jbryant) has been set up, and I've just set up your SVN
persmission so you have write access to the necessary SVN directories
(FOP plus XML Graphics Commons). The most important thing you need to do
is log in to your unix account (SSH to people.apache.org) to set your
Subversion password using "svnpasswd".

Most of what you need to know you can find under
The most important resource right now will be the guide for new

Another good thing would be to register your mail address in
MailAlias.txt in the comitters repository, so Apache people can identify
you if you don't send mail with your @apache address. Of course, there
are lots of other little things you'll find out in time.

You should try out your SVN access by updating:

If you have any further questions, you know where to reach me. :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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