Arun Kumar wrote:
I am trying to do the following

By hijacking Vincent's Thread, you have posted your question about FOP to the XSL Editors!!!! Please don't hijack threads and be careful who you post to!

< fo:table-cell
         border-left-color="green"  border-left-style="dotted"
         border-top-color="red"  border-top-style="dotted"
         border-right-color="blue"  border-right-style="dotted"
         border-bottom-color="yellow" border-bottom-style="dotted"

in fop-0.20.5 , also tried the dashed but it is taking only solid as border
of cell not dotted or dashed,

FOP 0.20.5 does not implement dashed or dotted borders.

How we can make the cell border dashed or dotted,
is it a known bug or i am missing some thing ?

It is a known limitation of rather ancient FOP version 0.20.5. This has been implemented in later versions of FOP. I recommend that you download the binary distribution of 0.93 and try it for yourself.


Note to other FOP Devs: Isn't it about time we removed the download links to 0.20.5 from the download page? This should help discourage new users of a 5 year old release.



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