So this was the first day at the ApacheCon EU in Amsterdam today. Simon,
Vincent and I mostly talked about improvements to the layout engine.
(Andreas, we missed you today!) Looks like the three of us are becoming
a regular bunch meeting up at events like the Cocoon GetTogether or
ApacheCon. Since everything started a little late today (my train late,
Vincent's flight cancelled resulting in a detour) and time passes
quickly while discussing, we haven't done much
coding/bugfixing/patch-processing. Still, it's good to synchronize a few
thoughts without the time-consuming detour through the mailing list. But
still, we didn't discuss anything important that would need to be
archived on the list.

Tomorrow, we'll be enjoying the various sessions with lots of
interesting topics. In between, we'll certainly find time to chat some
more about FOP...

Sunny greetings from Amsterdam,
Jeremias Maerki

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