At some point in the past you did some work on getting Apache FOP
to work in Arabic: http://www.anneundsebp.de/fop/fop.html

I'd like to see fully working Arabic (and Farsi) support for FOP
working and am willing to devote some time to getting it done but
don't want to duplicate anyone else's work if I don't have to.

With this in mind I have a few questions which I'd be very grateful
if you could answer:
 1. What is the state of this work?
 2. Are you continuing to develop it?
 3. Against which version was the current fork made?
 4. Why doesn't the link to the binaries work?
 5. Are you intending to submit a patch against the current FOP
 6. If not, could this code be used as a basis for any future



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