Dear Fop-developers,

continuing on the improvements of support for image plugins in Fop
(particularly MathML plugin), there are two more things that need to be
addressed. I am quoting from a previous mail to jeuclid-devel:

Jeremias Maerki schrieb:
>> - Context sensitivity: Right now all formulas are rendered using the  
>> default fonts, default colors, default size, etc. It would be nice if  
>> this information is somehow available from the surrounding <fo:block>  
>> element. (I have no idea where to start looking for this).
> We could capture the CommonFont structure in the bind() method of
> (pList.getFontProps()) and pass that
> information to extension implementations that want this information.

This would be great. Unfortunately I have no idea how it would be done
in detail.

>> - Baseline offsets
> Should be doable.

I have found a spot where this information would be placeable:
FopImage.ImageInfo. Unfortunately, changing this class could probably
mean that all plugins will have to be recompiled. Here's my idea:

- add a new attribute baselineOffset, default to 0

AbstractGraphics would provide a hook "getAdditionalAlignmentAdjust",
and getAlignmentAdjust would use this value;

InstreamForeignObject could then use "getAdditionalAlignmentAdjust", to
provide the additional offset needed for inline objects.

So would it be feasible to change ImageInfo, possibly introducing an API

And if so, the current API uses fixed-point sizes only (e.g. all sizes
can only be complete pixels). IMO this should be changed to support
float or double values, as some vector graphics have a higher resolution.



Max Berger

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