We are using FOP-0.20.3 loaded into Oracle 9i database (Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release in order to dynamically generate PDF documents using stored in the database
XML and XSL-FO stylesheets.

Firstly, I should mention that this is the wrong mailing to list to post up questions about using FOP. In future please use fop-users@ to post questions.

It was working perfectly with Adobe Reader 6.x releases, but after upgrading to Adobe Reader 7.0 we have the following issue:

After the PDF is created and when trying to open it, Adobe Reader 7.0 displays the following mesage box "There were too many arguments". When clicking "OK" button to confirm, the PDF document is displayed normally. I would be very grateful if you can advise me how to get rid of this message (without having to upgrade to newer version of FOP, since FOP-0.20.3 is the only one to work correctly with Oracle 9i database).

FOP-0.20.3 is older than the hills! I understand there might be some effort involved in upgrading to the recent releases, i.e. 0.93, but 0.20.5 is a straight swap for 0.20.3 and you should at the very least try to get onto 0.20.5. Although that too is very old...

As for FOP not working with Oracle, I assume you mean when deployed within the Oracle Application Server? The problem is normally down to buggy XML parser and XSL Transformer implementation supplied by Oracle which FOP uses to generate/read the FO. This problem comes up a lot on the users list. A quick search of the archives revealed this thread:




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