Shlomi Fish wrote:
I cannot build the Apache fop trunk:
/home/shlomi/Download/unpack/graphics/fop/trunk/build.xml:458: Could not create type serHyph due to java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:
        The import cannot be resolved

This means the task can't find the ant libraries. That's a bit of an
oddity, but not unheard of. It might have something to do how ant
resolves the access to its own libraries on Mandriva, every Linux
distro seems to come up with its own way to deal with CLASSPATH hell.

Your can try various solutions
- add the ant jars to your CLASSPATH variable.
- move/copy the ant jars to your personal jar repository, create a in your fop/trunk directory, and point the
  property optional.lib.dir to the jar repository directory
- do some similar magic in your .antrc file


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