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Hi Richard,

Please note that as of this Friday I will no longer be working at
Geoquip. Any e-mail directed to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
on matters concerning FOP is unlikely to get any meaningful
response. Hopefully I will still get the chance to continue working
on FOP and I intend to take another look at the memory usage patches

I'm in the process of looking at your patch right now. I suppose you've already seen the additional comment on the bug (?)

So far, I'm looking in the direction of two possible causes: percentages or length-ranges (or both: percentages in/of length-ranges).

If you take testcase 'block-container_content_size_percentage.xml' for example, and run it separately, you'll notice the infamous 'Cannot find LM to handle given FO for LengthBase' messages. All the other warnings are a result of this error.

Still have to play with it some more first to say for sure why this happens (and to find out whether these cause all of the errors, or if a few are caused by other changes).

Stay tuned.



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