On Jun 27, 2007, at 23:31, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I've noted some things here:

It's best to use that page to gather thoughts and come up with a plan to
implement that feature.

Sorry, completely missed that Wiki update.

One thing there I don't feel like commenting on on the Wiki (since I don't consider it a forum to have Q&A sessions):

What improvements to the font-family property did you have in mind?
AFAICT, the property resolution is already as complete as can be and generates a list of font-families, only Font.getFontState() calls an implementation of FontInfo.fontLookup() that just returns the first family in the list...

Do these improvements refer to moving the fontLookup()-logic partly to FontFamilyProperty? Say, for instance an additional method with a signature like
getFontFamily(char c)
that returns the first font-family in the list containing a glyph for the given char?

Also, I agree that FOText does not need to be touched, but even the TextLM can be left alone. In fact, it is currently already so that if a FOText contains more than Short.MAX_VALUE characters, it is split into separate instances (because TextLM uses shorts as indices to the ArrayInfos). Two separate TextLMs are automatically instantiated in that case...

The only thing that would need to be altered in this scenario, is moving the calls to getFontState() from the LM's initialize() method to somewhere in FObjMixed (?)

I'll try to document this approach further in the days to come.



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