Hi Max,

Max Berger a écrit :
> Vincent,
> I would love to have Bug 42785 ( patch to support baseline-shift )
> applied before the release, because then I could release a new plugin
> for the new version. I've read your comment, and I will check with the
> spec which options I have to improve the patch, however this will take a
> little while, and I will hopefully be able to do it latest by this
> weekend. What timeline for the release do you have in mind?

Don't worry, there's not that much a hurry. First we will need to get
approval from the team. Then, keep it for yourself but I fear there may
be some discussion about the release number. Then ideally we should make
up a list of bugs and patches that should be corrected or applied before
releasing. Then there's the documentation update. Then find time to
actually launch the release process (branching, tagging, building,

It would be good indeed to have your patch applied before the release.
Being a small patch that should be quite easy anyway. I'll make sure
this will happen.


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