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| 1063|New|Nor|2001-03-21|fop does not handle large fo files                |
| 2909|New|Maj|2001-07-30|Gradient render error                             |
| 2988|New|Maj|2001-08-03|0.19: list-item-label does not stick to list-item-|
| 3280|New|Nor|2001-08-27|PCL Renderer doesn't work                         |
| 3497|New|Cri|2001-09-07|id already exists error when using span="all" attr|
| 3824|New|Blk|2001-09-25|MIF option with tables                            |
| 4030|New|Nor|2001-10-08|IOException creating Postscript with graphics on S|
| 4535|New|Maj|2001-10-31|PCL renderer 1.13 not rendering SVG               |
| 4767|New|Nor|2001-11-09|SVG text is distored in PDF output                |
| 5010|New|Enh|2001-11-21|Better error reporting needed                     |
| 5124|New|Maj|2001-11-27|fo:block-container is not rendered properly using |
| 6094|Opn|Maj|2002-01-29|0.20.3rc hangs in endless loop                    |
| 6237|Opn|Nor|2002-02-05|&#xFB01 (fi ligature) produces a "sharp"?         |
| 6305|New|Nor|2002-02-07|Using fo:table-and-caption results in empty output|
| 6427|New|Enh|2002-02-13|Adding additional Type 1 fonts problem            |
| 6437|New|Maj|2002-02-13|Tables without fo:table-column don't render       |
| 6483|New|Nor|2002-02-15|Table, Loop, "footer could not fit on page, moving|
| 6997|New|Nor|2002-03-09|[PATCH] Row-spanned row data breaks over a page wi|
| 7241|New|Nor|2002-03-19|keep-with-previous, keep-with-next only working on|
| 7283|New|Nor|2002-03-20|Table border misaligned when using margin-left in |
| 7337|New|Nor|2002-03-21|border around external image leaves empty space   |
| 7487|New|Nor|2002-03-26|break-before="page" for table inserts empty page  |
| 7496|New|Nor|2002-03-26|The table header borders are not adjusted to the b|
| 7525|New|Cri|2002-03-27|table with spans inside a list-block              |
| 7919|New|Cri|2002-04-10|problem to use attribute linefeed-treatment and li|
| 8003|Ass|Maj|2002-04-12|FopImageFactory never releases cached images      |
| 8463|New|Nor|2002-04-24|SVG clipping in external.fo example doc when rende|
| 8767|Ass|Min|2002-05-03|Image and solid colour background rectangle sizes |
| 8819|New|Nor|2002-05-06|Footnotes lost                                    |
| 9054|Opn|Maj|2002-05-14|PDF Tc Text operator BUG                          |
| 9379|New|Nor|2002-05-24|MIF Renderer generates incorrect MIF code         |
| 9569|New|Maj|2002-06-03|break does not work on block-container            |
| 9864|New|Nor|2002-06-14|fo:list-item-label at the end of line             |
| 9885|New|Nor|2002-06-14|link in pdf to another pdf through url doesn't wor|
|10379|New|Enh|2002-07-01|Improvement to FOP Classloader                    |
|11032|New|Min|2002-07-22|Height of table-cell is calculated incorrect when |
|11783|New|Maj|2002-08-16|<fo:block background-color="x">text</fo:block> gen|
|12262|New|Min|2002-09-03|Lacking detection of endless loops                |
|12300|New|Nor|2002-09-04|letter-spacing problem on sequencing pages        |
|12448|New|Nor|2002-09-09|Height of lines set by line-height are too short. |
|12494|New|Nor|2002-09-10|fop produces pdf file which Acrobat Reader refuses|
|12610|New|Enh|2002-09-13|[PATCH] onLoad Action for PDF documents or how to |
|13450|New|Cri|2002-10-09|FOP0.20.4 embedded rendering throws exception     |
|13464|Opn|Nor|2002-10-09|part of word missing when broken across pages     |
|13586|New|Blk|2002-10-13|fop will not work on linux alpha because jre is br|
|13592|New|Nor|2002-10-14|Converting a FO document with PNG images into PS  |
|13734|New|Nor|2002-10-17|Hyphenation does not work correctly on long string|
|13807|New|Nor|2002-10-21|list-block in table-cell                          |
|14248|New|Enh|2002-11-05|51-page FO example, could be added to the samples |
|14352|New|Enh|2002-11-07|It would be nice if FOP could be plugged into popu|
|14356|New|Nor|2002-11-07|*NOT* embedding TrueTypeFont in PDF causes Acrobat|
|14419|New|Enh|2002-11-10|Implement SourceResolver, Image Resolver          |
|14504|New|Cri|2002-11-13|Pagebreak in cell spanning multiple rows create fa|
|14529|New|Nor|2002-11-13|SVG url references do not work                    |
|14637|Opn|Nor|2002-11-18|fo:retrieve-marker is confused by 2-columns report|
|14679|New|Enh|2002-11-19|Pluggable renderers                               |
|14924|New|Nor|2002-11-28|Table disappears when it ends when the page ends  |
|14963|New|Nor|2002-11-29|Fix for #8878 causes problems                     |
|15020|New|Enh|2002-12-03|Reuse of fo-tree                                  |
|15165|New|Nor|2002-12-08|SVG Renderer does not stop properly if fo includes|
|15992|New|Nor|2003-01-11|Single graphic in column followed by span-all bloc|
|16017|New|Nor|2003-01-13|Jpeg's and the PDF Serializer                     |
|16023|New|Nor|2003-01-13|tiff images are not rendered                      |
|16047|New|Nor|2003-01-14|PDF bookmark extension example is missing closing |
|16130|New|Nor|2003-01-15|PS-Renderer emits lots of redundant moveto's      |
|16156|New|Nor|2003-01-16|0.20.5rc SVG example does not work                |
|16237|New|Min|2003-01-19|superscripts and subscipts are placed too high / t|
|16672|New|Maj|2003-02-02|SVG clipping error                                |
|16713|New|Nor|2003-02-03|Hyphenation error in tables                       |
|16929|New|Cri|2003-02-10|Table rows of a table in a page body with two colu|
|17085|New|Min|2003-02-14|Absolute Position of block-container wrong in some|
|17369|New|Nor|2003-02-25|Footnote duplication                              |
|17380|New|Nor|2003-02-25|Batik Component will not recognize feXXXX SVG elem|
|17521|Ass|Blk|2003-02-28|Fonts in PDF                                      |
|17681|New|Nor|2003-03-05|Margin attributes not suported                    |
|17727|New|Nor|2003-03-06|Page breaks in tables are not correctly calculated|
|17921|New|Nor|2003-03-12|Kerning is broken for standard fonts              |
|17955|New|Enh|2003-03-13|[PATCH] Unnecessary exception throwing.           |
|17999|New|Nor|2003-03-14|@border in fo:block : overwrites area & page margi|
|18038|New|Min|2003-03-16|duplicated links on page break, in table with keep|
|18098|New|Maj|2003-03-18|bad fo:basic-link area if line breaks just before |
|18103|New|Nor|2003-03-18|height of cells                                   |
|18216|New|Nor|2003-03-21|fo:table ignores break-before="column" and break-a|
|18292|New|Nor|2003-03-24|24 bit PNG not displayed correctly                |
|18702|New|Nor|2003-04-04|fo:block with fo:inline: size calucation          |
|18801|New|Nor|2003-04-08|"visibility" property is not implemented          |
|19073|New|Maj|2003-04-16|multi-page table cellborders are too often added w|
|19216|New|Maj|2003-04-22|Links do not work properly if included two adjacen|
|19228|New|Blk|2003-04-22|[PATCH] Child LayoutContext is null in certain cir|
|19268|New|Nor|2003-04-24|fo:block with padding => region-body overwrites re|
|19341|Ver|Nor|2003-04-26|leader doesn't work since 0.20.5.rc2              |
|19693|New|Enh|2003-05-06|[PATCH] NamedDestinations links in PDF according t|
|19695|New|Enh|2003-05-06|[PATCH] Allow fox:destination as child of fox:outl|
|19717|New|Enh|2003-05-07|Lets add support for JimiClassesPro.zip to build.x|
|19755|New|Nor|2003-05-08|Nested lists space before problem                 |
|19769|Ass|Enh|2003-05-08|Indefinite page size is not implemented           |
|20145|New|Enh|2003-05-22|Creation date in PDF files                        |
|20280|Ass|Enh|2003-05-27|text-align and text-align-last only partially impl|
|20407|New|Enh|2003-06-02|[PATCH] Configure image caching using the configur|
|20480|Ass|Nor|2003-06-04|PDF outline texts are garbled when PDF encryption |
|20827|New|Enh|2003-06-17|Style and weight supported use one Normal TureType|
|20868|New|Nor|2003-06-18|max external graphic height depends on region-body|
|20943|New|Nor|2003-06-20|number-rows-spanned render spanned cell background|
|20950|New|Cri|2003-06-20|Wrong link generation in PDF renderer             |
|21265|New|Nor|2003-07-02|referencing a custom font (TTF or Adobe Type 1) fo|
|21303|New|Nor|2003-07-03|Embeded Fonts and signets disturbed by encryption |
|21538|New|Nor|2003-07-12|NullPointerException with SVG background-image    |
|21640|New|Nor|2003-07-16|ClassCastException with Block-container in block  |
|21641|New|Nor|2003-07-16|Infinit loop within too small areas using hyphenat|
|21905|New|Nor|2003-07-26|large list-item-label bleeds into following block |
|21982|New|Maj|2003-07-30|NullPointer Exception in LazyFont with embedded fo|
|22036|New|Nor|2003-07-31|Image Examples broken                             |
|22053|New|Nor|2003-08-01|basic-link off by footer height in table          |
|22216|New|Cri|2003-08-07|FOP doesn't detect missing images (external graphi|
|22408|New|Nor|2003-08-14|Nullpointer Exception when using units in svg:use |
|22450|New|Maj|2003-08-15|Unterminated iteration in JPEGReader class        |
|22465|New|Maj|2003-08-15|Cells with fixed row height are positioned incorre|
|22579|New|Nor|2003-08-20|crash after endless loop over pages               |
|22627|Opn|Nor|2003-08-21|Update mirror/download page HEADER & README (was [|
|23099|New|Nor|2003-09-11|Computed contents inside of basic-link doesn't cre|
|23148|New|Nor|2003-09-12|first bookmark doesn't point to first page        |
|23260|New|Maj|2003-09-18|It creates duplicate pages while rendering PDF doc|
|23509|New|Nor|2003-09-30|Problem with marker 'first-starting-within-page'  |
|23709|New|Maj|2003-10-09|Height of SVG rect tag negative when rendering SVG|
|23781|New|Nor|2003-10-13|problem with embedding svg into a fop:box         |
|24148|New|Nor|2003-10-27|Kerning upsets text-align="end"                   |
|24171|New|Nor|2003-10-28|[PATCH] 1st Attempt at Whole Site PDF             |
|24279|New|Cri|2003-10-31|Last line of text on a page is sometimes missing e|
|24299|New|Nor|2003-10-31|combining border-right, border-left in table-cells|
|24378|New|Nor|2003-11-04|Minor problem in sample code for embedding        |
|24438|New|Nor|2003-11-05|Table cells with background-color attribute specif|
|24658|New|Cri|2003-11-12|fo:external-graphic  does not support SVG when src|
|24663|New|Nor|2003-11-12|fo:block space-after property needs fixing        |
|24666|New|Nor|2003-11-12|fo:instream-foreign-object: SVG w/6-digit translat|
|24707|New|Enh|2003-11-14|give feedback for invalid font sizes              |
|24740|New|Nor|2003-11-17|extra piece of row beetween the header and the fir|
|24804|New|Nor|2003-11-18|SVG Text to PS Output generates incorrect outlines|
|24843|New|Nor|2003-11-20|Extra page is printed when rendering PCL          |
|24889|New|Nor|2003-11-21|Xalan Null Pointer Exception on Awt renderer      |
|25005|New|Maj|2003-11-26|Null pointer Exception in LineArea.addText(LineAre|
|25022|New|Nor|2003-11-26|XSL-FO to PCL : images not included               |
|25341|New|Nor|2003-12-08|percentage resolution not being recalculated on di|
|25404|New|Nor|2003-12-10|NPE thrown by ContentLayoutManager.getLayoutManage|
|25411|New|Nor|2003-12-10|[WARNING] Error while constructing image from XML |
|25413|New|Nor|2003-12-10|ClassCastException thrown from ..$SVGHandler.rende|
|25432|Ass|Maj|2003-12-11|Cannot embed the User Defined Characters into the |
|25467|New|Maj|2003-12-12|basic-link external-destination to http://site/doc|
|25743|New|Nor|2003-12-24|Spaces are suppressed between words for first fo:i|
|25882|Ass|Cri|2004-01-03|PS-Renderer doesn't generate pages in landscape or|
|26047|New|Nor|2004-01-11|Space-after value remembered and used on second do|
|26055|New|Cri|2004-01-12|Some GIF images do not appear                     |
|26163|New|Nor|2004-01-15|margin-left in nested fo:block not used in PDF out|
|26187|New|Blk|2004-01-16|pdf created is wrong (some text is overwritten)   |
|26590|New|Nor|2004-02-02|last character width in winansi font is missed    |
|26848|New|Nor|2004-02-11|PNG images using JIMI instead JAI                 |
|27107|New|Maj|2004-02-20|TTF Reader fails                                  |
|27111|New|Nor|2004-02-20|basic-link after some elements/attributes does not|
|27668|New|Nor|2004-03-15|The hyperlinks disappear in PDF                   |
|27727|New|Maj|2004-03-17|problem displaying Japanese fonts in PDF.         |
|27890|New|Min|2004-03-24|fop.sh doesn't set exit status                    |
|27901|New|Nor|2004-03-24|[PATCH] TextCharIterator.remove() does not work pr|
|27973|New|Maj|2004-03-26|One pattern of SVG not suppoted!                  |
|28556|New|Nor|2004-04-23|fox:outline generates PDF bookmark sets for each p|
|28807|New|Nor|2004-05-06|PDF svg:markers with offset and stroke-opacity:0  |
|28842|New|Maj|2004-05-08|FOP SVG2PDF Transcoder: Opacity attributes support|
|28916|New|Maj|2004-05-12|FOP hangs randomly after PDF created              |
|29224|Opn|Nor|2004-05-26|Problem when opening PDF file in the browser      |
|29303|New|Maj|2004-05-30|PDF Renderer misrenders SVGs                      |
|29451|New|Nor|2004-06-09|Setting font to Bold not displaying on PDF.       |
|29632|New|Maj|2004-06-17|Rendered reads fonts from disk everytime it render|
|29711|New|Maj|2004-06-21|[PATCH] LineArea.canBreakMidWord() RFC3066 fix    |
|30006|New|Nor|2004-07-09|eps doesn't show up in recent GhostScript versions|
|30214|New|Nor|2004-07-20|PSGraphics2D.drawImage incorrect matrix generated |
|30448|New|Nor|2004-08-03|inline block render issues                        |
|30847|New|Cri|2004-08-25|[patch] Block.java loop terminator fails due to a |
|30852|New|Enh|2004-08-25|[patch][enhancement] "No meaningful layout in bloc|
|30940|New|Nor|2004-08-30|NullPointer exception from pagesequence.format met|
|30983|New|Nor|2004-09-01|The wrong pdf document encoding                   |
|31039|New|Nor|2004-09-03|URL in basic-link is scrambled by encryption      |
|31225|New|Nor|2004-09-14|Need embedded page sequence functionality         |
|31253|New|Maj|2004-09-15|Vetrical text in SVG graphics is munged.          |
|31301|New|Nor|2004-09-19|FOP limitation-Summary of columns value at Table F|
|31537|New|Nor|2004-10-05|fo:list-block with provisional-distance-between-st|
|31570|New|Cri|2004-10-06|page break and keep together do not work well toge|
|31580|New|Nor|2004-10-07|fo:external-graphic  does not work when src is an |
|31674|New|Enh|2004-10-12|Allow Print Renderer to select Printer and Tray.  |
|31692|New|Nor|2004-10-13|[PATCH] color for SVG text elements wasn't set cor|
|31796|New|Cri|2004-10-20|Fop: Pdf generation dowsn`t work with j2sdk 1.5   |
|31936|New|Min|2004-10-28|[PATCH] Fonts are rendered differently between pdf|
|32054|New|Enh|2004-11-04|Pluggable area creation: AreaFactory              |
|32100|Ass|Enh|2004-11-07|FOP "Starter Documents"                           |
|32107|New|Cri|2004-11-07|Move FOP wiki to secure                           |
|32153|New|Min|2004-11-10|Unwanted whitespace around image                  |
|32201|Opn|Enh|2004-11-12|please, provide a manpage                         |
|32327|New|Nor|2004-11-19|Basic-link w/ 'mailto:' URL behave improperly     |
|32354|New|Nor|2004-11-23|AWTRenderer fails with OutOfMemoryError when switc|
|32391|New|Nor|2004-11-25|Wrong font selection with awt (print)             |
|32789|New|Cri|2004-12-21|Arabic words are broken for rendering PDF from FOP|
|32970|New|Cri|2005-01-06|Sticking words in generated PDF document          |
|32992|New|Nor|2005-01-07|area contents overflows area in line <empty>      |
|33164|New|Nor|2005-01-19|ArrayIndexOutOfBounds on extern graphic in PCL    |
|33174|New|Nor|2005-01-20|An unrecognized token'NaN' was found when opening |
|33383|New|Nor|2005-02-03|NPE while loading GIF image                       |
|33516|New|Maj|2005-02-11|text-align="end" doesn't work properly            |
|33729|New|Nor|2005-02-24|basic-link external-destination (.pdf#dest=) only |
|33738|New|Maj|2005-02-25|external-graphic worked until v20.1a to PCL render|
|33801|New|Maj|2005-03-02|FOP 0.20.5 AWTRenderer: Sometimes rendering fails |
|33808|New|Nor|2005-03-02|problem with large number-rows-spanned            |
|33871|New|Maj|2005-03-07|problem with <fo:simple-page-master  or  <fo:page-|
|34355|New|Cri|2005-04-07|BufferOverflowException when running SVG2PDF on hu|
|34469|New|Maj|2005-04-15|Left-right tables don't stop at the paper border  |
|35184|New|   |2005-06-02|Error while loading image http://xxx.xx.x/yyyy.tif|
|35478|Inf|Nor|2005-06-23|Attribute number-columns-spanned leads to the endl|
|35500|New|Nor|2005-06-24|Missing .close() call on stream opened for JPEG im|
|35534|Ass|Maj|2005-06-29|fo document output is placed in page margins      |
|35577|New|Nor|2005-07-01|while running, system reports: The id "header" alr|
|35749|New|Nor|2005-07-15|fo wrapper/basic-link combination doesn't work    |
|35939|New|Nor|2005-07-30|[PATCH] Port of 0.20.5 Driver.java class          |
|35948|New|Enh|2005-07-31|pre-patch for FOrayFont adaptation to Fop         |
|35992|Ass|Nor|2005-08-03|FOP Compliance page update                        |
|36000|Ver|Maj|2005-08-03|PDF page margins larger, different than PS renderi|
|36011|New|Nor|2005-08-04|Setting word-spacing on justified blocks removes j|
|36238|Ass|Nor|2005-08-18|text-align="justify" doesn't work on custom fonts |
|36395|New|Nor|2005-08-27|Common Border and Background Properties not suppor|
|36408|Opn|Min|2005-08-29|FOP hyphenation splits consecutive digits onto sep|
|36533|Opn|Nor|2005-09-07|Incorrect ipd and twsadjust settings              |
|36935|New|Blk|2005-10-05|table-layout="fixed" and width="auto", but auto-la|
|36977|New|Nor|2005-10-09|[PATCH]TextLayoutManager CJK line break           |
|37108|New|Nor|2005-10-16|Patch for 0.20.5 to work with jdk1.5              |
|37114|New|Min|2005-10-17|No error message on illegal/unknown values on a pr|
|37116|New|Enh|2005-10-17|ESC POS Renderer                                  |
|37136|Opn|Nor|2005-10-18|external-graphic dimensions and rendering         |
|37157|New|Enh|2005-10-19|Port fox:destination to FOP Trunk                 |
|37236|Ass|Nor|2005-10-25|[PATCH] Fix gradients and patterns                |
|37305|Ass|Nor|2005-10-30|Added deviceDPI to PDFDocumentGraphics2D          |
|37505|New|Cri|2005-11-15|SEVERE FOP Exceptions should be thrown!           |
|37579|Ass|Nor|2005-11-21|footnotes within tables and listsl get lost       |
|37980|Ass|Maj|2005-12-20|When using FOP with -noedit fo:basic-links get bro|
|37993|New|Nor|2005-12-21|PDF bookmarks: A second bookmark with the same int|
|38121|New|Nor|2006-01-04|border-separation disturbs table layout           |
|38244|New|Nor|2006-01-12|table-column and number-columns-spanned (prepatch)|
|38264|New|Nor|2006-01-13|linefeed-treatment="preserve" hyphenate="true" : I|
|38639|Inf|Maj|2006-02-14|PDF not opening                                   |
|38821|Opn|Nor|2006-03-01|The manifest file no longer has a Class-Path entry|
|38862|New|Maj|2006-03-06|No ImageReader for this type of image             |
|38880|Ass|Nor|2006-03-07|Right border on fo:inline missing when hyphenate=t|
|39034|New|Nor|2006-03-20|page-number-citation : the text after overlaps the|
|39118|Ass|Nor|2006-03-27|[PATCH] Handling of page-number-citation-last     |
|39184|New|Nor|2006-04-03|soft page break on new line                       |
|39215|New|Nor|2006-04-05|[PATCH] To render GIF external images in RTF outpu|
|39261|New|Min|2006-04-10|Rasterized paints upside down if coordinate system|
|39293|New|Enh|2006-04-13|FOP can't support bold,italic for chinese/other mu|
|39412|Ass|Nor|2006-04-26|wrong URL referred from FOP: Bugs and Other Tracka|
|39422|New|Nor|2006-04-27|[PATCH] Fop fails to render non-ascii characters i|
|39725|New|Maj|2006-06-05|page-position="last" and spans doesn't output all |
|39777|Ass|Enh|2006-06-11|[PATCH] GSoC: floats implementation               |
|39840|Ass|Cri|2006-06-20|Multi page table fails with an endless loop error |
|39927|Ass|Nor|2006-06-28|Building FOP with GCJ                             |
|39968|New|Nor|2006-07-05|Absolutely positioned block-container affects the |
|39980|Ass|Enh|2006-07-06|Images not scaled in RTF, FOP 0.92b               |
|39983|Ver|Nor|2006-07-06|AWTRenderer should not call System.exit().        |
|40112|New|Nor|2006-07-26|keep-with-previous.within-page not working        |
|40230|New|Nor|2006-08-11|Invalid extra page break creates an undesired empt|
|40271|Ass|Nor|2006-08-17|[PATCH] auto table layout -- dirty draft          |
|40288|Opn|Nor|2006-08-18|<base> url requires "/", failes otherwise         |
|40428|New|Nor|2006-09-07|Table borders are always rendered with margin of p|
|40464|New|Nor|2006-09-11|Improve handling of OpenType fonts                |
|40465|New|Nor|2006-09-11|Obtain some OpenType fonts for testing            |
|40468|New|Nor|2006-09-11|Use OpenType fonts from the STIX fonts project?   |
|40529|New|Nor|2006-09-17|[PATCH] Possible bug in PSTextRenderer            |
|40557|New|Nor|2006-09-20|PDF encryption and Acrobat 5                      |
|40676|Ass|Enh|2006-10-04|png graphics are expanded/uncompressed in pdf caus|
|40699|New|Nor|2006-10-06|Invalid PDF for certain numerical values in SVG li|
|40798|New|Maj|2006-10-19|page-position="last" doesn't work for 1 page docum|
|40830|Inf|Nor|2006-10-27|Pb rendering SVG in fo:instream-foreign-object wit|
|41062|New|Nor|2006-11-28|Defect reading hyphenation patterns               |
|41122|New|Nor|2006-12-07|[PATCH] flow-map 1.1 support                      |
|41149|Ass|Nor|2006-12-11|PNG causes NPE for RTF output                     |
|41251|Opn|Nor|2006-12-28|ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in multithreading e|
|41272|Opn|Nor|2006-12-31|Memory problem in 0.93                            |
|41295|New|Min|2007-01-04|Examples cause fatals and excessive warnings      |
|41300|New|Min|2007-01-05|FATAL error raised for proportional-column-width()|
|41306|New|Nor|2007-01-05|AWT claims to support out-of-order: doesn't       |
|41377|Ver|Blk|2007-01-16|Alignment (end, right) does not work in table-cell|
|41379|New|Maj|2007-01-16|VerifyError on FopFactory.newInstance() using Tomc|
|41380|New|Min|2007-01-16|Content in tables affecting conditional spacing of|
|41389|New|Maj|2007-01-17|Rtf numbered lists without numbers                |
|41440|Ass|Nor|2007-01-23|PDFSVGHandler causes missing resource bundle      |
|41443|New|Nor|2007-01-23|[PATCH] FOP can't handle mixed-case hyphenation ex|
|41445|Inf|Nor|2007-01-23|no searchable text in pdf for <image xlink:href to|
|41500|Ass|Blk|2007-01-30|ClassCastException after generating FO with an XSL|
|41631|New|Nor|2007-02-16|Percentages in proportional-column-width() not sup|
|41633|New|Nor|2007-02-16|*-progression-dimension on inlines not implemented|
|41637|New|Nor|2007-02-16|in-line border-end does not always get rendered   |
|41649|New|Cri|2007-02-16|fop0.93 - Does not generate svg line or svg rectab|
|41657|New|Nor|2007-02-19|No support for SVG 1.2 in instream-foreign-object |
|41667|New|Nor|2007-02-21|ImageProvider should be overridable in ImageFactor|
|41687|New|Nor|2007-02-23|Specifying CLI options '-Dstart' and '-Dend' for t|
|41812|New|   |2007-03-11|fillRect writes wrong command                     |
|41822|New|Nor|2007-03-12|Generated example from \examples\fo\basic\list.fo |
|41841|New|Nor|2007-03-14|table overflow on page and in table cells         |
|41860|New|Nor|2007-03-16|FOP crash on fixed-layout table with increasing nu|
|41894|New|Nor|2007-03-19|fo:block-container: percentage-lengths + width/hei|
|41918|New|Nor|2007-03-21|Thin Lines in AWTRenderer are not drawn           |
|41941|New|Nor|2007-03-25|Numbered lists not converted properly to RTF      |
|41942|New|Nor|2007-03-25|fo:leader elements are ignored when converted to R|
|41951|New|Nor|2007-03-26|External graphic doesnt size properly with height |
|41952|New|Nor|2007-03-26|Extents not rendered at specified sizing.         |
|41959|New|Nor|2007-03-27|External links are broken if pdf is encryped      |
|41965|New|Nor|2007-03-28|fop crashes on break-after                        |
|41978|New|Maj|2007-03-28|Rogue entries on a blank page                     |
|41995|New|Enh|2007-03-30|[PATCH] Barcode Support for AFP Renderer          |
|41999|New|Nor|2007-03-30|Unassigned code points cause ArrayIndexOutOfBounds|
|42028|New|Nor|2007-04-02|Incorrect rendering of GIF images                 |
|42029|New|Maj|2007-04-03|Wrong title on the FOP 0.93 Release Notes page    |
|42034|New|Nor|2007-04-03|basic-link doesn't cover all text inside          |
|42036|New|Nor|2007-04-03|Page Break from within a table row with set height|
|42049|New|Nor|2007-04-04|RTF tables ignore margin-left of containing block |
|42136|New|Nor|2007-04-16|PDFDocumentGraphics2D.translate() does not work co|
|42144|Ass|Nor|2007-04-17|[PATCH] Safely set postscript page device dictiona|
|42162|New|Nor|2007-04-18|hyphenation inside block in FOP works only for pur|
|42306|New|Nor|2007-05-01|[PATCH] AWT Viewer does not track page numbers in |
|42307|New|Nor|2007-05-01|[PATCH] Java2d renderers render arabic text incorr|
|42330|New|Nor|2007-05-03|Tibetan characters not rendered correctly in PDF  |
|42352|New|Nor|2007-05-08|Problem with tiff gray render                     |
|42374|New|Nor|2007-05-09|List label and bodyindentation incorrect in RTF   |
|42380|New|Nor|2007-05-10|FOP chokes on jar-embedded class path             |
|42423|New|Nor|2007-05-15|id attribute on fo:wrapper ignored                |
|42501|New|Nor|2007-05-23|basic-link not sizing correctly for external-graph|
|42550|New|Nor|2007-05-30|Extra spacing between characters while rendering a|
|42577|Ass|Nor|2007-06-04|font-stretch [PATCH]                              |
|42600|New|Nor|2007-06-06|can not create page break in RTF                  |
|42601|New|Nor|2007-06-06|Image/text misalignment inside before-region table|
|42617|New|Nor|2007-06-08|DOM tree cannot be built for a SVG graphic embedde|
|42685|Ass|Nor|2007-06-17|Printer restarts after sucessfull printing Postscr|
|42705|New|Nor|2007-06-20|fo:retrieve-marker missing PCDATA from fo:marker  |
|42748|Ass|Nor|2007-06-26|FOP 0.93 is not resolving empty <fo:inline> index |
|42768|New|Nor|2007-06-28|Wrong border resolution in a table with spanning c|
|42769|New|Nor|2007-06-28|Wrong border resolution in a table with there are |
|42779|New|Nor|2007-06-29|page-position and force-page-count with different |
|42808|New|Nor|2007-07-04|table footer overflows region-body area without wa|
| Total  341 bugs                                                           |

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