Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
Seems to me the reporter is wrong to expect that sequence of 80+ digits to be hyphenated under any circumstance, and even the comma-case... Easy enough to come up with such oddities, but when would you ever really need that? And more importantly: Is it really hyphenation you would need then?

No, it's more of either wrapping, or alternative line breaking (as
in the case of long URLs). Hyphenation applies to words, and words
contain letters and in some languages also various punctuation
Nevertheless, giving the user some higher level possibilities
(i.e. other than inserting ZWS) to control wrapping or alternative
line breaking for certain long character sequences where UAX#14
gives unacceptable results is something worth thinking about.
Reusing the hyphenator for this might help keeping the necessary
code short.


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