On 17.07.2007 11:36:42 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> I'm not really a specialist of the font handling stuff in FOP, but
> having worked a bit in this area I can drop a few ideas (and ask a few
> naive questions), in the hope they will be useful.
> > In the process of looking at this bug
> > (http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=42861) I came to the
> > conclusion that I´m not really happy with the current font handling
> > implementation.  There is quite a bit of duplicated effort between the
> > renderers with regards to font configuration.
> Can you give some examples? Not that I don't believe you, just to have
> some concrete things to discuss about. For example, IIRC, in PDFFactory
> there is some code to read the font stream for embedding it. I guess
> there is about the same code in the PS renderer for embedding TrueType
> fonts. That job should really be deferred to the font library which
> would directly provide the stream to those renderers that need it. Is
> that what you're thinking of?
> > I would very much like to see a shared ¨FontSource¨ implementation (e.g.
> > both the Postscript and PDF renderers could make use of a shared
> > Base14FontSource and CustomFontSource) instead of having their own
> > separate configurations.  Any new implementation would of course
> What would a FontSource exactly correspond to? What would be the
> different kinds of FontSources?

Links to my posts on this matter back in 2003:

(the third link contains a list of those FontSources but it's incomplete
now that we have AFP, too.)

> Would a Base14FontSource really make
> sense? I mean, base14 fonts are PDF- (and, to a certain extent, PS-)
> specific. Does a PDF renderer really need to know that it's manipulating
> a base14 font? Isn't it just enough to know whether the font should be
> embedded or not?

No, in the case of PDF, for example, there's a difference in handling
between the base 14 fonts and a normal Type 1 font (see
PDFFactory.makeFont()). Base 14 fonts don't have a font descriptor. In
PostScript, it's the same although you don't have to define the base 14
font at all, just use it.

> Jeremias has been having some ideas regarding font handling for some
> time. You can probably find some of them by looking at the archives [1].
> I hope he'll have time to speak up but, if I remember well, he wants to
> group fonts by kinds: Type1 fonts, TrueType fonts, AFP fonts, AWT fonts,
> SVG fonts, etc. Each kind would be usable by one or more renderers; for
> example the PDF renderer could use Type1, TrueType and AWT fonts
> (although it would not be possible to embed the latter).
> I think this all makes sense. Ideally we would define a common API that
> would be used by the renderers and hide as much as possible of the
> actual font manipulation. The renderers would keep only their format's
> specific code (e.g., creating a PDF font object).

Yep, that's basically the idea. The layout engine still just needs a
general interface where it can access the font metrics and the available
glyphs of a font. Only the renderer has to work with the format-specific
details. Of course, the renderer more or less defines which font sources
can be used for a rendering run, although that statement is a little
difficult to maintain if you render to the intermediate format or if you
want to render a document to two different formats simultaneously (ex.
PDF for archiving and PS for print). Breaking this down, the layout
engine needs a set of font sources it can work with.

> > (initially at least) remain backwards compatible with existing FOP font
> > configurations.  I believe these ideas were spoken about a while ago and
> > I do not think it would be too much work and it should simplify font
> > configuration somewhat and should be more efficient in embedded
> > implementations that make use of more than one renderer.  Its probably a
> > bit late in the day to make the 0.94 release, but in the longer term
> > does anybody have any initial thoughts on this proposal?
> I hope those few ideas will give you some things to think about. Anyway,
> I think there's still quite a bit of work to do in this area, even if
> the auto-detection stuff was a big step forward.
> Thanks for looking into this,
> Vincent
> [1] See, among others, the first thread about FOrayFont (hem, and please
> don't pay attention to the flame war!)
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/xmlgraphics-fop-dev/200506.mbox/[EMAIL

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