I have a question for FO tree building specialists.

In TableFObj.addChildNode we have the following code:
    if (!inMarker() && child.getNameId() == FO_TABLE_CELL) {
        /* update current column index for the table-body/table-row */
        updateColumnIndex((TableCell) child);

When adding a table-column to the children of a table 
(Table.addChildNode) we have the following:
    if (!inMarker()) {
        addColumnNode((TableColumn) child);
    } else {
        columns.add((TableColumn) child);

Etc. My question: why is a special treatment needed when a table is 
found as a descendent of a marker? My understanding is that if a whole 
table is defined in a marker, then it doesn’t depend on the enclosing 
table in which the marker is retrieved. Or have I completely missed 


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