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> Envoyé : mardi 23 octobre 2007 21:40
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>  > Pascal Sancho wrote:
>  >> Sorry for the noise, I end with the bug #20950.
>  >> I hope this will save some time to FOP team.
> Great and important work, no need for excuses!
>  > Indeed! Our bug database has been needing a serious cleanup for a 
> long time anyway. So thanks for taking care of this!
> Doubled!
>  > Just asking: did you make sure that the bugs were actually 
> corrected 
> by making a proper test? For example, bugs said to be solved 
> on version 
> 0.20.5 might still exist in the Trunk, since the fork was made from 
> version 0.20.2.
> It is plausible that most if not all of the layout and border/margin
> related bugs disappeared during the rewrite.
> J.Pietschmann

for testing bugs, I've checked both for AWT and PDF outputs, when applicable, 
using FOP TRUNK rev 584699.
When a FO file was attached to a bug, I used it (with some adaptations needed 
by 0.2x --> 0.9x upgrade).

And I was very happy to see that redesign was a very very good solution, making 
FOP better.


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