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Following an old thread:
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In my moving of TableRowIterator into the FO tree code I’ll implement
stronger checks for column numbers. I think there is consensus on this,
but as a reminder, and following the HTML 4.01 recommendation:
- if an fo:table has explicit fo:table-column children, those fix the
  number of columns in the table, and an error will be thrown for any
  row that has more columns;
- otherwise, the number of columns for the table will be set by the row
  that has the greatest number of columns.

Nope. For table-layout="fixed", the number of columns is in that case determined by the number of cells in the first row (see also CSS)

That should make most users happy: those who want speed (once some kind
of progressive layout is implemented, of course) will simply have to
specify explicit columns; those who want flexibility will have it.

Convenience is one thing. Choosing the path of non-compliance another... For the flexibility you're referring, there is always table-layout="auto".

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