Dear Juanita,

you mail (this and the last one) should probably go to fop-users instead
of fop-dev. 

The JEuclid FOP plugin requires FOP 0.94. Complete installation
instructions are available in the README.fop file in the JEuclid bundle.
Please send an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you have
further problems with math.

Max Berger

Am Dienstag, den 06.11.2007, 01:42 -0800 schrieb juanita:
> I am using fop 0.93 and I want to be able to display a MathML object 
> in the generated pdf. I read that I can use JEuclid jar for this reason.
> I download jeuclid-fop-3.0.1.jar for this reason and added in the lib
> directory of fop but 
> there is no change.
> Is this version correct or it only aplies for fop 0.94?
> I use a fo.xsl that generates the from an html and this is then
> generates a pdf.
> the MathMl exists in the html in an  tag and in the fo.xsl  I use the
> fo:external-graphic..
> ...Any clues?
> Thank you...

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