On Nov 12, 2007, at 15:46, Chris Bowditch wrote:

Hi Chris


Does anyone know why CacheEntry.ref can be null in this context and why this only happens after a few thousand documents have been run through? Previous documents all have the same property values. Perhaps the GC has collected the object referenced by ref?

A lot of the code that accesses the ref member variable has checks for null and since it is a WeakReference I assume the cause of this error is the Garbage Collector removing the reference. Adding a check for null in the rehash method seems to avoid the error and all unit tests pass, but I would like confirmation from a Properties expert (Andreas?) that this is a valid fix before committing the change.

If your suggestion fixes the issue, by all means, commit. It should not hurt to insert a check there.
I'll have a closer look at underlying causes one of the coming days.

Anyway, thanks for spotting this. The possibility of such issues arising, was precisely the reason I did not include it in the 0.94 release.



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