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Avoid null values in generated Font classes so the encoding can be inspected. Don't warn about missing hyphenation characters for fonts such as Symbol and ZapfDingbats which don't have the default hyphenation character.

Is this really necessary? If hyphenation must occur within a block with
the Symbol or ZapfDingbats fonts, doesn’t that mean that something is
wrong somewhere, and may lead to an output unexpected by the user?
Moreover I can’t see how hyphenation can be performed with ZapfDingbats
(and even for Symbol, although that might be discussed), simply due to
a lack of hyphenation patterns.

Note that I once had the same reservation about hyphenating something other than words. One fop-user apparently expected this to work for numbers as well... While it seems to make little sense in practice, in theory, it is possible to define hyphenation patterns for any series of Unicode characters, and that includes the codepoints covered by ZapfDingbats and Symbol.

Hey, what's stopping you from creating your own secret symbol- language with its own custom hyphenation patterns? :-)

I think Jeremias (again) simply enhanced FOP's functionality here (better error-reporting)

Just my 2 cents.



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