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The documentation seems to indicate that text-align="right", "left", "center'
works, but I am getting the following error:
Nov 15, 2007 12:32:35 PM

I'm somehow suspecting a piece to be missing here. Can you post the full error message?

would the following be a problem? <fo:block text-align="{q1/ @align}" >

Are variables a problem  ?

Which variable are you talking about?
In XSLT, the above is a shortcut for:

<xsl:element name="fo:block">
<xsl:attribute name="text-align"><xsl:value-of select="q1/@align" / ></xsl:attribute>

No variable here.

In FO, the token "{q1/@align}" means nothing, and is an illegal value for the text-align property. No variable here, either.

Either the expression is not evaluated during the XSLT phase, which would point to an error in the stylesheet, or the expression is correctly evaluated but leads to an invalid value for text-align.


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