Hi all!
I've been working on a project and was bitten by a couple known issues.
I've resolved them for *my* project and would be interested in creating
a patch or at least assisting with it...but could use some additional
First one...I can't find a bug report for it, but the issue is discussed
in an archived list post
(http://marc.info/?l=fop-user&m=115895490501970&w=2) and there's a TODO
in the code in HEAD - Java2DRenderer, line 933. Is anyone currently
working to resolve this? I don't really know much about color spaces but
I can't find a situation in my tests where the current model
(CS_LINEAR_RGB) is preferable. From the page on sRGB
(http://www.w3.org/Graphics/Color/sRGB.html), I can see that it appears
to be web-specific. But none of the images I've tried with the
CS_LINEAR_RGB are practically usable. What's the current thought on this
or is it just a corner-case that no one really cares much about? Or --
is there a plan to replace the unencoded bitmap arrays with Java-native
images for this renderer?
The second item is support for user-configured fonts for Java2DRenderer
produced documents. I've made this work for me by extending the
Java2DRenderer (I needed to do this for other reasons anyway), and
FontMetricsMapper along with a fair bit of unfortunate cut-n-paste from
FontSetup. I could see this being refactored into a patch -- but I
didn't want to take the considerable time to do this if someone already
had a fix in the works. Also, I'm very new to FOP (a few weeks) and
there are likely some significant issues that would need to be
considered in a formal patch for the general library. 
- Patrick

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