On Dec 17, 2007, at 11:41, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

On Dec 17, 2007, at 11:20, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

One last thing:

                 int end,
                 PropertyList pList,
                 Locator locator) throws FOPException {
- /* Only add text if the fo:wrapper is not a child of an fo:flow
-         * or fo:static-content */
-        if (!this.isFlowChild) {
+ /* Only add text if the fo:wrapper's parent allows inline children */
+        if (this.inlineChildrenAllowed) {
             super.addCharacters(data, start, end, pList, locator);

IIUC, this check isn’t necessary? If test children weren’t allowed this
would have been caught by the validateChildNode method?

No, because validateChildNode() is not called for text-nodes.

See FOTreeBuilder.MainFOHandler:
-> startElement() is where validateChildNode() is called to validate the incoming node against the current FO.

Hmm, now that I did look at that call closer...

What is the meaning of:

try {
} catch (ValidationException e) {
  throw e;

Unless we're really going to add something in that catch-block, this seems completely redundant here.



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