The new image package is now in XML Graphics Commons Trunk and I'm
ready for merging the temporary FOP branch back into Trunk. Given the
feedback from the basic library I assume there won't be any reservations
for merging the other branch back, either.

Here's how I would like to continue in this area:
- Give everyone some time to intervene if the branch shouldn't be merged
into Trunk just yet. During that time I'll do a little more testing of
the new code.
- If there are no vetoes, I'll do the merge and remove the branch.
- I'll leave the old image code for reference where it is for a short
transition period (one month?) so we can easily look up anything that I
might have missed. After that we can clean up and still look up in the
SVN archives.

What essentially remains in FOP of the new image package is only the
Batik-dependent implementations for SVG and WMF. The obvious argument
there is that the code doesn't have any dependencies on FOP and should
ideally live in Batik. But until Batik adopts Commons in the first place,
that course of action remains closed for the time being.

So, any objections? Comments?

Jeremias Maerki

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