when you've found and fixed the current problem in the AFP renderer, I'd
appreciate if you could make sure it is adjusted to the changes in
revision 612815. While the AFP renderer is a descendent of
AbstractPathOrientedRenderer it provides its own renderBlockViewport
method. Why that is so eludes me. On first sight it looks to me like it
should be easy to remove it and rely on the parent class' implementation
with only little changes to the renderer. To test the correct rendering
the best idea is to render all the standard test-cases starting with
"block-container". That gives you a representative feature set to check.

If you need help, just yell. Thanks.

On 17.01.2008 14:38:32 jeremias wrote:
> Author: jeremias
> Date: Thu Jan 17 05:37:04 2008
> New Revision: 612815
> URL:
> Log:
> Fixed logic error setting the transformation matrix for block-container 
> viewports (applies to absolute and fixed block-containers only). The CTM now 
> only rotates and shifts the content as necessary for reference-orientation 
> and writing-mode. All the rest of the transformation is done by the renderer 
> which allows to add additional transformations as made possible by 
> fox:transform (see below).
> Important: External renderer implementations need to adjust for the change 
> and implement the new method concatenateTransformationMatrix(AffineTransform) 
> if the renderer is derived from AbstractPathOrientedRenderer.
> New extension attribute fox:transform on fo:block-container allows free-form 
> transformation (rotation, scaling etc.) of absolute and fixed 
> block-containers. Supported only for PDF, PS and Java2D-based renderers.
> Added missing region background painting for PCL renderer.

Jeremias Maerki

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