>> Did you know that the header/footer of a table could be omitted at 
>> page breaks??
> Yep, we all did actually. We keep the clues hidden in the code as:
> "omit-header-at-break", Constants.PR_OMIT_HEADER_AT_BREAK, 
> Table.omitHeaderAtBreak() 
> I admit, it's a very obscure detail, only known to the true FO adepts. 
> Welcome! ;-)

Thanks! I’m glad of this promotion to the “True FO Adept” grade! Keep it 
for yourself, by my eventual goal is to become the Great Lord of the 
XSL-FO Guild.

>> Looks like I completely omitted that case myself when implementing the
>> resolution of conditional borders.
> No harm done, and since you discovered and fixed it yourself... I guess the 
> joke's on the community for 
> not having noticed/reported this sooner. :-)

Err... just to make things clear, the joke was really on myself for 
having completely missed that. I don’t expect people to review a commit 
of this size in just one day.


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