Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> On 04.03.2008 11:10:30 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> First, let me insist that the next release should be called 0.95 beta, 
>> according to the Apache documentation [1]. Release candidates are 
>> targetted at developers and users following the development, and I think 
>> we want to reach users outside the project (DocBook users being part of 
>> them). We must be consistent with the Apache naming scheme IMO.
> Whatever. I'm not sure if [1] really reflects a strict policy. I
> remember discussions about the membership around this topic some time
> ago. Several FOPers stated they prefer "RC" in January. But if you think
> "beta" is better and nobody objects, go ahead.

Well even if we put different names on it, we all agreed on the process: 
publish an unstable version, then a stable one after some testing time. 
According to the Apache doc an rc doesn’t require a vote, but I guess we 
will vote. So a beta seems more appropriate to me. If nobody objects 
until tomorrow I’ll go ahead.

>> Also, I have two pending changes regarding tables:
>> - support for backgrounds on table-column and header/footer/body
>> - conflict between fixed row height and forced break (if a forced break 
>>   occurs before the row height is reached it gets ignored). I know of at 
>>   least one user who is looking forward to seeing this bug fixed.
>> I think it would be good to have those two features available in the 
>> next release. That shouldn’t take more than one week to finish them. 
>> Shouldn’t be a big deal to wait one more week? And that doesn’t prevent 
>> us from preparing everything but the artifacts building.
>> WDYT?
> I think you are quite late to bring this on the table. I've started

I’m going as fast as I can.

> early enough to notify everyone that we'll be building a release around
> this time. If you want these two points in the release, go ahead but
> you'll have to take over most of the remaining release process. I've

Fine. Building the artifacts is not the biggest part of the work anyway. 
Updating the website is the most important one.

> reserved time to do this now so I'll finish going through our website
> and then go back to hacking. Next week I won't have much time as I'm
> absorbed with OpenExpo in Bern.


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