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 --> ( [details] 
> > Missing border-before when break-before set
> > 
> > Another problematic situation: when break-before is set on a block, the 
> > before
> > border of the enclosing block is not rendered.
> I'm not sure this is really wrong. Unexpected maybe. The spec says that
> fo:block produces one or more areas. Now if the first child of this block
> causes a break-before the block should probably still create an area on the
> (current) page before the break (but with bpd=0), i.e. with only before
> borders. This doesn't happen now. I'll go through the spec again just to be
> sure. But at any rate, I believe the bug here is not that the border before is
> missing on the second page, but that it's missing on the first.

You seem to be right. Reading and re-reading the spec again I can no longer
find a justification for the other behaviour that I was describing.

The thing is, when I fixed breaks in tables I did implement that behaviour,
thinking it was the one to be expected. Sigh.

Now XSL Formatter puts the border on the second page where the child block is,
and nothing on the first page. I know that doesn't mean anything, but...

I'm all confused.

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