--- Comment #2 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-03-24 
05:11:28 PST ---
Thinking of a fix, this seems to be all but trivial...

ColumnSetup can only detect if the specified width is a relative numeric, but
does not have access to the operands, so their type cannot be determined from

One option being investigated:
- push getTableUnits() up in the hierarchy, and make it part of the Length
- as such, RelativeNumericProperty and NumericProperty *must* also implement it
- NumericProperty can simply return 0
- RelativeNumericProperty can check its operands, and if there is a
TableColLength, call its getTableUnits() (possible tough nut: deeper nesting,
more complex expression tree?)
- ColumnSetup then only needs to know the column-width is a Length to know that
the call to getTableUnits() will succeed; if it is backed by an expression
(RelativeNumericProperty) the above should make sure that we also get a correct
number of units in that case

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