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> Easy please. Vincent has a preference. Jeremias is OK with it, but he
>  is not hot about it, so he is not going to do it. Vincent did not add
>  the new utilities, so he is not going to do it. That leaves Andreas to
>  do it, or me, or ..., or it remains undone. Fortunately, that would
>  not create a mess.
>  Jeremias has never been in the habit of creating a mess. Nor has
>  Vincent. But Jeremias does not code in the manner of Vincent, nor does
>  Vincent in Jeremias' style. We have to live with that diversity. FOP
>  is that sort of project. It benefits from that diversity, because the
>  project has so many diverse sides to it. But the style will never be
>  uniform. Alas?
>  Simon

Considering that Open Source project rely on many individuals working
together, for better or for worse (not unlike a marriage ;-), civility
and tolerance are paramount. Expression is also of great import, and
it can be tough to communicate freely via email, without
miscommunication occurring. That's why I generally take a moment
before responding if I feel my temperature rising... I also make an
effort try to send my thoughts offline to others I trust, to ensure
they're not 'too hot' and cause undue issues.

As far as this issue is concerned, this being FOSS, if someone has an
itch to scratch, they're generally free to scratch it. Like Simon
says, Jeremias doesn't feel strongly about combining/optimizing this
portion of code. IMO (and apparently Simon's & Jeremias') if Vincent
feels a need to optimize, he can either optimize or let it lie until
someone gets an urge they feel the need to scratch.

Vincent, my hope is that you won't take this as 'beat up on Vincent
week'. On the contrary, I think it's more about building community,
and I believe all of us (even those of us who mainly lurk or are
'inactive') have valuable wants and opinions. Expression is an
important part of every healthy relationship and community.


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