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(In reply to comment #21)
> (In reply to comment #20)
> > 
> > I just noticed one thing that might be speaking against merging the breaks:
> >     <fo:block break-before="column">
> >       <fo:block break-before="page">
> >         Some text. Some text. Some text. Some text.
> >       </fo:block>
> >     </fo:block>
> > The spec definitely doesn't say anything about break conflicts, i.e. which
> > break "wins" in the above situation if they are to be merged. 
> I'd say it depends. If the column-break for the outer block coincides a
> page-break, the break-condition for the inner block is satisfied by that break
> as well. If the column-break stays within the same page, then we would need an
> additional page-break for the inner block.

Just noticed: it's actually not so much merging the breaks themselves, but
rather merging the break-conditions. There would be no conflict, no winner.
Both conditions should always be satisfied by the outcome.

In case you have 25 nested blocks with break-before="page" with the same basic
structure as the example, then the 25 break-conditions can be satisfied by one
effective break. Generating 25 breaks would be equally valid, but unnecessary.

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