I think we may have some crossed wires here as I communicated that I'd be working in this area and have been working on a matching mechanism following your suggested font-substitution-catalog configuration.

I very much hope I don't feel the need to throw anything away as my implementation includes weight and style, and also takes account of priority. If you have something working I guess you should go ahead and commit when svn has returned, and I'll spend some time sorting out the conflicts :).


Jeremias Maerki wrote:
I'm working on making referenced fonts work with font auto-detection,
i.e. that one can define which fonts should not be embedded, only
referenced. I already have the basics working locally. In the case of
TrueType fonts I can make use of the same mechanism I introduced for
Type 1 fonts to address more than just the WinAnsi glyphs (using
multiple single byte encodings). I'm writing because I want to see if
anyone is opposed to my approach for specifying which fonts should be
referenced. Here's what the config file now looks like:

          <match font-family="Helvetica"/>
          <match font-family="DejaVu.*"/>
          <match font-family=".*Grotesk.*"/>

Basically I've defined an interface for which I can add whatever
implementation I want:

public class FontTriplet implements Comparable, Serializable {


     * Matcher interface for [EMAIL PROTECTED] FontTriplet}.
    public interface Matcher {
         * Indicates whether the given [EMAIL PROTECTED] FontTriplet} matches a 
particular criterium.
         * @param triplet the font triplet
         * @return true if the font triplet is a match
        boolean matches(FontTriplet triplet);
I'm currently using regular expressions to match the font-family names.
If the font matches it is set to referencing mode. Works pretty nicely

BTW, Adrian, you could use the same interface for the matching part I've
proposed earlier for the font substitution.

Jeremias Maerki

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