--- Comment #16 from Luca Furini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-02 08:07:37 PST 
I'm attaching an updated patch, that can be applied to the trunk as it is now.

It basically does the same thing as the old one, just in a slightly different
way due to the new classes involved in the table management.

The 5 "shortcomings" listed by Gerhard Oettl in comment #4 are still present,
although I'm not sure whether the second one (indentation of notes whose
citation is in the list-item-body) is a bug or the right behaviour, because of
indent inheritance ...

I've tried to track down the LengthBase error message, but I could not find
where the problem really is: the strange thing is that it happens only for
footnotes in the list-item-label, and not for those in the list-item-body ...

Footnotes on table headers / footers will probably need a special handling, as
they behave quite differently from the "normal" ones, being repeated.

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