On May 6, 2008, at 18:00, Juanjo Alejandro wrote:
I try to run in a seem application the two versions of fop 0.94 and 0.20.5. I rebuild version FOP 0.94 changing the names of folders (org.apache.fop by org.jcom.fop) and jars to let de ClassLoader upload both librarys. As a result I get an error of type class not definition found for FopFactory and another strange errors.
Is it posible to run both versions togheter?

AFAIK, this will always cause trouble.
Both versions are not meant to work together inside the same VM, and definitely not when loaded by the same ClassLoader.

Anyways, modifying the sources to try to work around this limitation would be a bit too invasive for my taste. A workaround you might consider is to set up a second container that hosts the old version. That one can then be phased out over time once you're certain that 0.94 suits your needs, and this is one sure way to keep both versions completely isolated from each other.




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