--- Comment #8 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-07 
00:36:03 PST ---

In the meantime, I performed some further test with the proposed change, and it
definitely still needs work, but this is a more general issue: if the wrapper
has text-children, we get a new ClassCastException in
BlockContainerLM.addAreas(), since it does not count on InlineArea children
(and nor should it).

If the wrapper contains an inline-child, FOP correctly throws a
ValidationException, since an inline is not allowed as a child of the
block-container. Text-nodes currently are not validated.

I've begun implementing such validation in Wrapper, but stumbled upon issues
with white-space. Since the parser reports all character data (as it is
supposed to), we also receive characters() events for white-space that may or
may not be considered ignorable. Mainly this latter concern made me think that
it might be better to fold that type of validation into the white-space
handling loop (as in: only throw a ValidationException in case non-white-space
characters remain after applying white-space-treatment).

If not, then we would add yet another loop over the character array... I'd like
to avoid this somehow.

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