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06:14:19 PST ---

More notes:
* page-number-citation seems to suffer the same limitations for block-container
as for inline. If the citation ends up on the same page, the id resolution for
the first page somehow doesn't get triggered. On subsequent pages spanned by
the block-container, everything works fine.

* block-container has the added difficulty of having to deal with border- and
spacing-elements coming from the childLMs. BlockContainerLM no longer gets to
see those positions when its addAreas() is called the last time. If it
generates a list of 39 positions, the last two will be border and spacing for
the last childLM, but those will not be included in the position iterator that
is passed to addAreas(). As a result, the isLast() test will always return
false in this case.

Misleading javadoc for isLast(), I think:

     * Indicates whether the given Position is the last area-generating
Position of this LM.

But a border- or spacing-position does not really generate any areas. Rather,
they belong to an area.

Will need to check that as well, since the isLast() condition is also used to
determine whether the markers associated with an area qualify for the
retrieve-position of retrieve-marker.

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