Hi Andreas,

I've thought about it and made your suggested change, also keeps the code in line with the existing instantiation scheme in the constructor :).

Thanks for the feedback,


Andreas Delmelle wrote:
On May 9, 2008, at 17:22, Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
Andreas Delmelle wrote:
Maybe a matter of style, but if see this, I usually move the assignment to the member initialization, i.e.
class FopFactory {
   private FontManager fontManager = new FontManager(this);
That is, unless there is a specific reason to wait until getFontManager() is called before initializing (?) (Haven't checked whether the fontManager needs a fully initialized FopFactory to work properly...)

Not really of style.. just generally a design decision to instantiate objects only when they are called upon (on demand) rather than up front.

OK, no biggie... In this case, the end-result will be the same.

OTOH, the motivation for doing so should, IMO, not really be driven by a general design decision, but rather by the question:
"Does it make sense for FopFactory not to have a FontManager?"
If not, then we might as well initialize it together with the FopFactory, to stress that.



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