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--- Comment #2 from Wei gong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-13 22:40:11 PST ---
I happened to meet this problem too. (with FOP0.94 and Acrobat5.0.5jp)
Encrypted PDF made by FOP have two “/ID” keys in trailer dictionary, it
looks like:

/Size 13
/Root 2 0 R
/Info 4 0 R
/ID [<DC6AA9DED0627627476219E8BB6F5592> <DC6AA9DED0627627476219E8BB6F5592>]
/Encrypt 5 0 R

It seems that Acrobat5 use the first (which should be the second in the example
above) “/ID” to authenticate user password. Acrobat after 6.0 seems to read
dictionary from below.

According to PDF spec (v1.4), “No two entries in the same dictionary should
have the same key. If a key does appear more than once, its value is
undefined.” ([Page35]3.2.6 Dictionary Objects). It should have only one
“/ID” key in trailer dictionary whether the PDF is encrypted or not.

I have upload an temporary (ugly) fix for this.

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