--- Comment #6 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-14 
04:02:43 PST ---

Small update on this one:
page-number-citation-last is currently correctly handled for fo:block,
fo:inline and fo:list-block

Does not work yet for:
-> table-elements: ids not processed for table-header, table-footer, table-body
and table-row; notifyEndOfLayout() is still called multiple times for table and
-> block-containers: AbstractLM.isLast(Position) does not work reliably in this
case, as the BlockContainerLM also wraps the auxiliary positions for its
children's borders. Result is that the 'last' position in the iterator that the
block-container receives during addAreas() is not one of its own. It is given a
position index, though, which is greater than that of the last content element,
-> page-sequence: to be investigated

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