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(In reply to comment #2)
> (This issue came up on the docbook-apps mailing list.) 
> There are two problems IMO:
> - I don't see why FOP should issue a warning while such a construct is
> perfectly legal. I realize that this may help debugging stylesheets, but this
> will also annoy most users.

Question in this particular case, however, is what the stylesheet authors hope
to achieve by adding  'span="inherit"' anyway. The property only has effect for
areas returned by a flow-child. Although the property is not inherited, further
descendants automatically take on the characteristics of their parent (see:

> - The code in PropertyMaker.make(PropertyList, String, FObj) looks suspicious.
> It tries to get the explicit value set on the parent, whereas it should get 
> its
> /computed/ value. Granted, the end result is probably the same, still.

I think the reason behind the warning is indeed stylesheet debugging, in the
sense that one would expect a value on the parent for a specified value of
'inherit' on the child (?)

The keyword is permitted as a value for inherited properties, but hardly useful
If used for non-inherited properties, then it should indeed evaluate to the
computed value.

The explicit value obtained in PropertyMaker is used /only/ to check whether
there was a value specified on the parent. If this is not the case, then the
computed value will evaluate to the initial value, and so could just as well
have been omitted...

All the same for me to have FOP shut up in those cases, or reduce it to

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