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(In reply to comment #7)
> Thanks for the test files. I can now reproduce the effect. This is really
> strange. What I can tell you is that the text painting code in PDF doesn't
> change if I remove the opacity from the rectangle being painted AFTER the 
> text.
> But what's important to note is that I've seen the effect only on Acrobat 8 
> but
> not on Acrobat 5 or GhostScript/GhostView. At the moment I have absolutely no
> clue why this happens. I'm attaching the two PDF files (with compression 
> turned
> off) to demonstrate the difference. Maybe someone could check if the effect
> occurs on other Acrobat versions like 6 or 7 and report back here.
> As a side-note: It's a bit strange that Batik paints the transparent rectangle
> as a bitmap as this is such a simple element. That could probably be improved
> somehow. That accounts for the increase in size when opacity is turned used,
> but it doesn't explain why the text color changes to a darker blue. There's
> also an inconsistency about how the coordinate system for the rectangle is set
> up between the two variants. But again, this doesn't account for the color
> change.

Actually I realized this problem when I printed a document using Acrobat 5,
(the blue was not printed correct). As you said, in the screen of Acrobat 5 the
blue renders accurate but it doesn't in the printer. Acrobat 8 is in this sense
‘more WYSIWYG’.

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