On Jun 10, 2008, at 01:18, Manuel Mall wrote:

Just as a background. The reason LineBreakPairTable.txt had this 'funny'
format is that it was a straight unmodified copy of the table from the
UAX#14 specification. Just open the UAX#14 spec in a browser, select and
copy the table, paste it into text file => done.

No problem. Just something I bumped into here, while I was trying to look at the file. Me being me, it didn't immediately occur to me that I could just as easily look up the intersections in the original HTML- table itself... ;-)

GenerateLineBreakUtils deals with both formats (lines are split on '\s +'), so there it doesn't matter that much.

Anyway, I was playing with the idea of adding the possibility to insert customizations, and needed to get my head around it. Maybe similar file formats could be used to supply overriding tables.

So far, I'm quite impressed with what FOP currently handles by default in this regard (a more detailed investigation concerning current limitations for CJK linebreaking will follow shortly).



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