Thank you VERY much for your reply with the additional information.  In
return I hope the following will benefit you in some way.  It is FYI
only.  I do not expect a reply.

PostScript is an option for many, but not all, of my customers.

Attached please find a related email from HP. 

Additional findings:
"1421700 Citrix:....." Source URL:

"1574838  Improved printing on HP...."  
"1607532          Added PCL print improvements..."
 - Source URL for both of the above:

Thank you,
Waylon Sisk

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As you might have read in the Bugzilla entry, the work-around is to use
the PostScript driver instead of the PCL driver.

If Adobe doesn't help, why don't you talk to HP who made the printer
driver? Maybe they finally fix their drivers. I can only repeat: I don't
see how FOP is at fault here. HP PCL drivers are known to cause
I've seen similar failures in Citrix environments when just printing
Word files (although that was a PCL driver from Brother). Other people
reported problems when printing to a HP PCL driver from a Java
application. Switching to the corresponding PostScript driver always
fixed the problem.

On 17.06.2008 16:27:05 Waylon Sisk wrote:
> Hi,
> ASF Bugzilla - Bug 42845
> Thank you in advance for any assistance.
> Is there a work around or fix?  I have had these same symptoms 
> intermittently for months.  Acrobat Reader 7.0.3
> HP All-in-One 7210 using the HP Office Jet Enterprise edition latest 
> version which is 5.3.0a. in Windows XP Professional
> Dell OptiPlex GX745 1+ GB RAM. The article mentions it may have to do 
> with a slower computer.  This is P4 Dual Core.  I consider it a fast 
> machine.
> So far Adobe support has been little help.
> Thank you,
> Waylon Sisk
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Jeremias Maerki

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Dear Waylon,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care and its a great pleasure for me to 
assist you.

This is Alyana from HP All-in-One Technical Support Team and this reply in 
regard to the issue relate to HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One.

I understand from your E-mail, that you are experiencing an issue while 
printing with Acrobat Reader(PDF file). I appreciate that you have forwarded us 
your concerns and  given me an opportunity to assist you in this regards. 

-:: Issue Cause ::-

The issue might be caused due to PDF file might be containing transparent 
objects. If a PDF document contains transparent objects, Acrobat flattens it 
before printing it.

-:: Solution Summary ::-

1. Adjust the transparency flattening.
2. Select the default print settings.
3. Merging or flattening layers.

-:: Solution ::-

Waylon, If a PDF document contains transparent objects, Acrobat flattens it 
before printing it. Flattening removes transparency information and converts 
images to a format the printer can interpret. Adjust the transparency 
flattening to determine if transparency is causing the problem.

To adjust the transparency flattening: 

== Step 1: Adjust the transparency flattening ==

1. Choose File > Print, and then click Advanced. 

2. Choose Transparency Flattening from the list on the left. 

3. Adjust the Raster/Vector Balance: 

-- If you print to an inkjet printer, drag the Raster/Vector Balance slider to 
the lowest setting. 

4. Select Convert All Text To Outlines. 

5. Deselect Clip Complex Regions, click OK, and then click Print. 

6. Select the default print settings. (Acrobat 6.0-7.0 only) 

Print using the default settings to determine if a variant print setting is 
causing the problem. 

 == Step 2: To select the default print settings ==

 a. Choose File > Print, and then click Advanced. 

 b. Choose Acrobat Default (Acrobat 7.0) or Acrobat 6 Default (Acrobat 6.0) or 
from the Settings menu, and then click OK. 

 c. Click OK to close the dialog box, and then click Print. 

7. Merge or flatten layers. (Acrobat 6.0-7.0 Professional only) 

If you print a PDF file that contains layers, only the content that is visible 
on-screen is printed. Acrobat Professional, however, lets you specify which 
layer is visible and printable. Merge or flatten the layers in the PDF file to 
determine if a layer is causing the printing issue. Merged layers acquire the 
properties of the layer into which they are merged. Flattening layers discards 
any content that isn't visible. 

     Note: Merging or flattening layers can't be undone. 

== Step 3: To merge or flatten layers ==

1. Make a backup copy of your PDF file. 
2. Open the copy and choose Advanced > PDF Optimizer, and then click the Clean 
Up tab. 
3. Select Remove Hidden Layers Content and Flatten Layers, and then click OK. 
4. In the Layers palette, choose Options, and then select either Merge Layers 
or Flatten Layers.

For more information on this issue, please refer below URL and skip the steps 
for post script printers in the URL because Officejet 7210 does not support 
post script printing:

If the issue persists then check the functionality of All-in-One software by 
printing from any other application.

Please get back to us with the observation, so that I can assist you further. 
We  are 
always available around the clock to assist you technically regarding the 
problems you 
may experience with All-in-One units. I thank you for being a valuable HP 
Awaiting for your precious reply.

Have a nice day.

Yours Sincerely,

HP Total Care.

***Do Not Delete Service Ticket Number*** 
***Do Not Delete Service Ticket Number*** 

Our advice is strictly limited to the question(s) asked and is based on the 
information provided to us. HP does not assume any responsibility or liability 
for the advice given and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, 
incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this 
information. Always back up your data. 
For more information, including technical information updates, please visit our 
Web site at 
HP does not require you to send any financial data in your reply to this email. 
As a prudent reminder, do not insert credit card details or other financial 
information in any e-mail replies. 

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To: HP Support 
Subject: HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One e-mail support 

hp e-mail support 
Webform submittal date/time : 17 June 2008 13:44:32 UTC 
language_code : en 
language : English 
Country of Residence : United States 
product_line : DU 
product_oid : 391153 
product_name : HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One 
part_number : Q5575A,Q5560A,Q5560B,Q5574C 
purchase month : 12 
purchase year : 2006 
problem area : color and print quality problems 
serial number : MY4C4C71J7 
operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 
How is your product connected to your PC? : USB Cable 
error message : No message. 
problem description : PDF prints one character off throughout the whole 
One Example: 
The word "Date". 
Prints E instead of D 
Prints b instead of a 
Prints u instead of t 
Prints f instead of e 
troubleshooting : Intermittent. Re-occurring. Windows and the printer have been 
restarted multiple times. 
1. Reseat USB printer cable. 
2. Try multiple USB ports on the computer. 
3. Replace USB printer cable. 
4. Update Adobe to 7.0.3. (Upgrade to v 8 isnot an option at this time.) 
5. Factory reset on the Printer. 
6. It automatically found the printer. It gave the message: "You are using the 
latest driver!". 
Source URL of the auto update:
setting changes : Nothing I know of. 
tech skill : Intermediate 
first name : Waylon 
last name : Sisk 
phone : 4043054349 
form url : 
form country : United States 

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