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I am from FirstApex Technologies, Bangalore and into Insurance Product Development.

We are facing a similar issue in our product implementation in the Middle East, as reported in the bug report below - Bug Number 42307. We are using JFO to convert RTF documents in Arabic to PDF.

I suspect you are referring to JFOR, which is a currently inactive Sourceforge project. The code has been donated to and merged into Apache FOP, and as of versions 0.9x, FOP also provides RTF output.

However after conversion, the character ordering gets reversed as mentioned in the bug report. I understand that JFO uses FOP Technology to render PDF. Is this bug resolved? If not kindly provide us an alternative solution, since we will have to move our product to Live in less than 3 weeks time and we are running out of options.


AFAIK, the problem still exists in the current FOP version (0.95), simply because up to now, no one has really needed Arabic text badly enough.

The only viable alternatives are either:
- use a commercial FO implementation
- help us improve FOP by submitting a patch to fix the problem



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