Peter B. West wrote:
For NetBeans 6.1.

Attached is a gzipped nbproject directory including ide-targets.xml and ide-file-targets.xml. ide-targets.xml includes a 'run-nb' target for running a transform with an arbitrary set of arguments. This target is associated with the project 'run' menu item in the project.xml file.

Also included is ide-file-targets.xml, which includes targets which allow running a selected file,and debugging a selected file. These targets currently only make sense when org.apache.fop.cli.Main is the selected file. These targets are also associated with appropriate menu items in project.xml.

All targets depend on any necessary arguments being set as the properties arg0..arg9. arg0 must be set for the targets to execute. The other args are optional.

I use these by setting the targets in, an example of which is also attached.
... by setting the properties...

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