On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 8:24 PM, Andreas Delmelle

> If you have the area's own dimensions, and the complement properties
> (bottom-right), is that not enough?
> For the renderer:
> -> top = (bottom - area-bpd - borders - padding))
> -> left = (right - area-bpd - borders - padding))

Bottom is the distance from the nearest ancestor reference area
*bottom* edge, not from the top one (the same for left), so we need to
know the reference bpd and ipd.
So, if I read the spec right, a 10pt bottom position set on the same
absolutely positioned block-c would translated into different
top-positions according to the the reference bpd (= the reference
bottom edge).

> It seems so simple... Am I missing something?

*At least* one of us is missing something ;-)

> (It's hot here, too! ;-))

We probably need a summer team located in the southern hemisphere!


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