Max Berger wrote:
> this may not help, but here's a different approach:
> Fop (Trunk) supports fonts in jar-files directly, without the need of
> font-metrik files. It also adds general support for fonts described with
> an URI rather than a file path, which probably solved the problems you
> described.
> You will need to add <auto-detect/> to your fop config file, and prepare
> special font jars, as described in:
> This feature is still little tested, so I would be happy to receive any
> feedback, especially in the case of a web application, where classloader
> issues surface frequently.

I would prefer the option to configure custom fonts explicitly, cause I use
several different, independent 
layouts in one JAR file, each of them brings it's own configuration, images
and fonts. Autodetection of fonts
will bring the same custom fonts for all layouts.
So it would be great, if someone can take a look at my comments for

Although I'm trying your suggestion right now, but I cannot understand the
description of the configuration
format found on for
MANIFEST.MF: What format
must the MANIFEST.MF file have to make (for example) the two font files
fontdir/foo.ttf and fontdir/blah.ttf
known to FOP?

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